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Virtual Tour 360 Pictures

The Virtual Tour is best viewed by putting the image below in full screen (click three dots on bottom of picture and choose Enter Full Screen) and then clicking on each individual icon to navigate to different areas of Cheyenne Bottoms.  You can then click an icon to return to map and choose another destination!


Welcome to KWEC's virtual tour.  Whether you are a wetland enthusiast, classroom teacher, or student, thanks for coming to learn more about our 41,000 acre freshwater marsh!

If you arrived here from the middle square of the bingo board - check out the Kansas Wetlands Education Center through the 360 pictures.  Currently with Covid restrictions, some of our fun, hands-on interactive exhibits are off display.

Feel free to spend some time looking at other pages of our website!

When you are done exploring, click here to return to the map for the rest of the virtual tour.