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Sunflower Summer

KWEC is one of over 70 attractions that is part of this year's Sunflower Summer program.
Sunflower Summer provides a wide variety of ways for families to get out, explore something new, and enjoy time together. After downloading and registering the Sunflower Summer app to their phones, Kansas families can visit museums, zoos, historic landmarks and more for free! Sunflower Summer is a program of the Kansas State Department of Education and is designed to provide a wide variety of ways for families to get out, to explore something new, and to enjoy time together. We know that social interaction and exposure to a variety of activities supports the healthy development of children of all ages. Sunflower Summer is an experiential approach to learning that can support transition into the fall school term.
More information can be found at or download the Sunflower Summer app from Google Play (Android) or Apple (iOS) app stores.
The program runs from May 28-August 14.

Welcome to KWEC!

Want a unique nature experience? Then, visit the Kansas Wetlands Education Center. KWEC overlooks Cheyenne Bottoms; the largest inland marsh in the United States and a Ramsar designated, Wetland of International Importance.

The KWEC is managed by Fort Hays State University in cooperation with the Kansas Department of Wildlife Parks and Tourism.

Walk through state-of-the-art exhibits that tell the story of Cheyenne Bottoms from its ancient geological formation to the management challenges of the future. Discover the magnificence of these wetlands and the animals and plants living there.

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Bingo Board

Virtual Tour

Experience all that Cheyenne Bottoms has to offer from the comfort of your home or classroom.  Click on our virtual tour to experience 360 images, drone footage, educational videos, interviews with key Cheyenne Bottoms partners, and interactive games.  

Download this bingo board to guide your experience to a variety of activities.

Classroom teachers, click here to learn about how to use this in your classroom and participate in a nation-wide research colaborative to enhance virtual environmental education programs.

The Virtual Tour is best viewed by putting the image below in full screen (click three dots on bottom of picture and choose Enter Full Screen) and then clicking on each individual icon to navigate to different areas of Cheyenne Bottoms.  You can then click an icon to return to map and choose another destination!


Calendar of Events

Upcoming Events


Perseid Meteor Shower

08/12/2022 8:30 PM - 08/12/2022 10:30 PM

The Kansas Wetlands Education Center is gearing up for its annual “Out of this World” Perseid Meteor Shower Watch Party.  This year our date hits the peak of the month-long meteor shower with stargazers having the chance to spot up to 60-100 meteors per hour.  However, the full... more


WILD - Metal Detecting

08/27/2022 4:00 PM - 08/27/2022 5:30 PM

Any treasure hunters in the audience? What do you do when Cheyenne Bottoms pools dry up?From 1943-1947, 6,800 acres of Cheyenne Bottoms was leased by the Army and known as the Great Bend Air-to-Ground Gunnery Range. The beginning of WWII is what prompted the Army to obtain this piece of land for pra... more

Recent Bird Sightings


The Kansas Wetlands Education Center building offers a panoramic view of our mitigation marsh. We have binoculars and spotting scopes available to help you get a closer look at the wetlands and wildlife outside the Center. Visitors enjoy the sights of birds at the feeder, frogs sitting at the water’s edge, blooming sunflowers, harriers gliding over the marsh, and whatever surprises nature has to offer.

Donate to the KWEC

The KWEC appreciates donations. Donations to the KWEC go toward enhancing our educational programming.