Online Programs

As opportunities arise, KWEC staff produce environmental education videos on various topics.  Links to available videos are posted here:

If you have particular lessons that you would like to see that might work well in a video format, contact a KWEC Educator to develop lessons for your needs.


Environmental Education lessons 

Incredible Journey Water Cycle
Who Eats Who in the Wetland?
Kansas Day - Waggle Bee's Problem
Why the Opossum's Tail is Bare
Bird Day Live program-WMBD
Spring Chorus
Aquatic Invertebrate Sampling
WILD Wednesdays–Wetland Metaphors
Making Bee’s Wax Wraps
Seed Activity
Lab Aids: How Does a Contagious Disease Spread
Natural Selection in Birds–Bills and Beaks of Birds at Cheyenne Bottoms
Sights and Sounds of Cheyenne Bottoms 
Prescribed burn at Cheyenne Bottoms
Spraying phragmites via helicopter
Cottonwood Seeds - Story for Kindergarten
Window-Bird Strikes At A Nature Center

Animal Features 

KWEC Live Animal Tour
KWEC Prairie Dog Birthday
Cedar Waxwing Behavior
Greater Prairie Chicken Lek Tour
Toad Feeding at KWEC
Snake Feeding Day at KWEC
A Lesson on Freshwater Mussels in Kansas
Dove Banding at Cheyenne Bottoms
2020 Monarch Migration
Make an Edible Bird Feeder
Tracking the Movents of Greater White-fronted Geese

Whatcha Doing Rob?

Whatcha Doing Rob? - Motus Tower Construction
Whatcha Doing Rob? - Cattle Grazing at Cheyenne Bottoms
Whatcha Doing Rob? - Nest Dragging
Whatcha Doing Rob? - April 2020
Whatcha Doing Rob? - Spring Shorebird Surveys
Whatcha Doing Rob? - Shorebirds in Kansas
Whatcha Doing Rob? - World Wetlands Day
Whatcha Doing Rob? - Creating Shorebird Habitat at Cheyenne Bottoms Preserve