The Kansas Wetlands Education Center is happy to accept donations of any kind and amount from individuals, businesses, memorials, and charitable organizations.  The KWEC continues to strive to provide quality environmental education opportunities to a diverse audience in an effort to increase the public’s awareness about Cheyenne Bottoms and general conservation. 

It is through donations that we can have some security and reassurance that we will be able to perform the programs and offer the services that we want to and not what we are limited to.


How to Donate

The KWEC is operated by Fort Hays State University, and accepts donations through the KWEC account at the FHSU Foundation. The FHSU Foundation is an independent 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that was established in 1945. Its mission is to support and advance the university by actively seeking monetary gifts and bequests and to receive and administer those contributions in a prudent manner in accordance with donors’ wishes.

Donations to the KWEC are tax deductible.

A gift of a personal check is the most popular way to give to the KWEC. Checks can be made payable to the FHSU Foundation with Kansas Wetlands Education Center listed in the memo , and sent to the Center at 592 NE K-156 Hwy, Great Bend, KS 67530 .

For large donations, memorials, or donated items, please contact the KWEC site manager at 1-877-243-9268.


KWEC Wishlist

The KWEC staff maintains a “wishlist” of items to be purchased with donated funds.

Download: KWEC Wish List


Recent News:


Donor Honor Roll

We thank the following recent donors for their generosity:

Major Donors (Over $500)


Chuck Carper Memorial Feb 2019
Judy Rusco Memorial Apr 2018
Dorothy M. Morrison Foundation Oct. 2017
Dudley Fryman Memorial Mar 2017
Dorothy M. Morrison Foundation Oct 2016
Golden Belt Community Foundation Oct 2016
Duane Shook Endowed Fund Aug 2016
Grace VanSkike Memorial Jun 2016
Wilma Larson Memorial Nov 2015
Skip Yowell Memorial Nov 2015
Duane Shook Endowed Fund Sep 2015
Charles Hulme Endowed Fund Jul 2014
Dennis Herrman Memorial Nov 2013
The Nature Conservancy-KS Chpt Sep 2013
KDWPT-Dorothy Faye Roberts Estate Sep 2013
Iris Burns Memorial Aug 2013
Charles Hulme Foundation Jul 2013
Charles Hulme Foundation Jul 2012
Kenneth Sellen Memorial Nov 2011
The Cheyenne Partnership May 2011
The Nature Conservancy-KS Chpt Jul 2011
Lon P. Cale Jun 2011
Doretta Richardson Memorial Apr 2011
Glenn Erikson Memorial Aug 2010
Kansas Associated Garden Club Jun 2010
Ray Weber Memorial Apr 2010
The Nature Conservancy-KS Chpt Feb 2010
Donald Haines Memorial Aug 2009
Gaines Oil Trust May 2009
Fred C. & Mary R. Koch Foundation Dec 2008
The Cheyenne Partnership Jun 2008

Other Donors


Robert Shewbart Memorial Aug 2018
Dave and Judy Welfelt Dec 2017
Jon and Tamra Merritt Dec 2017
Barb and Dave Partington Dec 2017
Roy Jones Memorial Nov 2017
Gerald and Sylvia Uhlman May 2017
Randolph Suhl May 2017
Randy Akings May 2017
Landmark National Bank Apr 2017
John Risk Sawaya Memorial Apr 2017
Barb and Dave Partington Dec 2016
Diane Persons Dec 2016
Paul Tschopp Memorial Aug 2014
Dave and Judy Welfelt Dec 2013
James Alen Queen Memorial Mar 2012
Jerry Kaiser Memorial Sep 2011


Some projects that have been graciously funded by donors include:


Fire Pit Jared Divis-Eagle Scout Project Jul 2017
Microscopes and Youth waders Dudley Fryman Memorial May 2017
Fishin Magicians Butterfly Magic Grace VanSkike Memorial and Landmark Bank Apr 2017
Outdoor classroom and stage Alex Randolf-Eagle Scout Project Aug 2016
Water line install to shelter house Kayne Millhollen-Eagle Scout Project Dec 2015
Electric and lights for shelter Friends of Cheyenne Bottoms Sep 2014
Picnic Tables for Shelter The Nature Conservancy-Kansas Sep 2013
All-purpose shelter KDWPT-Dorothy Faye Roberts Estate Sep 2013
Prairie Dogs Friends of Cheyenne Bottoms Apr 2013
Bronze Garden Statue FOCB-Alvena Spangenburg Memorial Apr 2013
Flag pole light and landscape Nick Gerdes-Eagle Scout Project Aug 2012
Shade Structure The Nature Conservancy-Kansas Jul 2011
Garden Water Fountain Glenn Erikson Memorial Oct 2010
Pieces of the Puzzle Exhibit The Nature Conservancy-Kansas Feb 2010
Grass and Wildflower Seed Star Seed, Inc May 2010
Binoculars Wayne Rusco Memorial  
Kansas Duck Stamp Prints Kansas Ducks Unlimited, Inc Dec 2009
Metal pole art banners Donald Haines Memorial Dec 2009
George Stumps Nature Trail George Stumps Memorial Apr 2009
KWEC Classroom H. Lee Turner Memorial Apr 2009
Wetlands Exhibit Gallery Fred C. and Mary R. Koch Foundation Apr 2009