Snow is welcome moisture to Cheyenne Bottoms

The recent winter storm brought large amounts of snow to Kansas and the Midwest.  In the midst of a serious drought, this precipitation will provide much needed moisture to Cheyenne Bottoms.  The actual amount of water that snow provides varies greatly, depending on the temperature of the air in which the snow is formed.  Four inches of wet snow can be equal to one inch of rain.  Dry, powdery snow can take 20 inches to provide 1 inch of water.  In general, 10 inches of snow is equal to about 1 inch of rain.  With Great Bend receiving 10+ inches of snow, we can expect a yield of about 1 inch of actual moisture.  This doesn’t sound like much, but every bit of it is welcome.  Snow is also beneficial because it melts slowly, allowing much of the water to infiltrate the ground.  Much less of the water will be lost to runoff, and the low temperatures prevent the water from evaporating.  Early migratory birds are already heading north, and this moisture will provide them with a place to stopover at Cheyenne Bottoms before  the spring rains come.

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