Recent Bird Sightings-Weekend of Feb 22

The weekend of February 22-23 was a great bird-watching weekend at Cheyenne Bottoms.  Many waterfowl have shown up at the wetland over the past week.  Here are some observations that were reported:

  • Greater white fronted geese–>1,000
  • Snow geese–>100,000
  • Ross’s geese–138
  • Cackling geese–34
  • Canada geese–500
  • Gadwall–7
  • American wigeon–10
  • Malllard–>2,000
  • Northern pintail–>2,000
  • Green-winged teal–5
  • Redhead–>200
  • Bufflehead–2
  • Common Goldeneye–1
  • Hooded merganser–4
  • Common merganser–25
  • Ring-necked pheasant–2
  • Great blue heron–1
  • Northern harrier–3
  • Red-tailed hawk–1
  • American coot–9
  • Ring-billed gull–20
  • Snowy owl–2
  • Red-winged blackbird–25
  • Meadowlark spp.–3
  • Additionally, several other species were reported over the past week, including American white pelican, Herring gull, Sandhill crane, Bald eagle, Ruddy duck, and Killdeer.

    If you have any bird observations from Cheyenne Bottoms, please email them to or post them to

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    About Curtis Wolf

    Curtis Wolf is the site manager at Ft. Hays State University's Kansas Wetlands Education Center (KWEC) at Cheyenne Bottoms. Curtis received a Bachelor of Science degree in Wildlife and Fisheries Biology and a Master of Science degree in Biology at FHSU, studying freshwater mussels. Before taking the job at the KWEC, Curtis was a biology instructor at Barton County Community College in Great Bend.

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