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Wetland Explorer: Marsh teems with

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The water of Cheyenne Bottoms is teeming with life, both above and below the water’s surface. Recent rains and average temperatures have provided perfect conditions for a population explosion of an amazing variety of macroinvertebrates – animals without backbones you can see with your eyes. From water striders skating across the water’s surface to midge bloodworms in the mud, insects rule the water. There are plenty of other interesting invertebrates – crayfish, mussels, snails – [...]

Recent Bird Sightings–October 28

It is hard to say we are in Fall migration as temperatures continue to be ~20 degrees above normal temperatures for the end of October.  However, we are seeing more Fall migrants coming through the Cheyenne Bottoms area.  The common birds being seen at Cheyenne Bottoms include: herons, coots, gulls, ducks, geese, harriers, sandhill cranes, and grebes. We’ve finally started seeing larger groups of Sandhill cranes and White-fronted geese.  They seemed absent far too long this fall.  [...]

Recent Bird Sightings–June 24

Summer conditions have been prevalent at the wetlands over the last few weeks.  Temperatures have been in the upper 90′s to 100′s for over 2 weeks.  Surprisingly, even with the extreme heat, bird activity on the marsh has been relatively good.   Pools were seeing some drying until a storm on June 17 dumped approximately 1.25-2.00 inches of rain in the area.  Storage pools at Cheyenne Bottoms are full.  This stored water will be much appreciated later on in [...]

Recent Bird Sightings-March 23

Early Spring migration continues. Several “first of season birds” have been reported in the last couple weeks, including Ruddy Duck, Double-crested Cormorant, American Golden Plover, American Avocet, Western Sandpiper, Pectoral Sandpiper, Stilt Sandpiper, Wilson’s Phalarope, and Yellow-headed Blackbird.  Sandhill cranes continue to move in the area, and 4 Whooping Cranes were observed at Quivira NWR during the evening of March 22 and through the morning of March 23.   Duck numbers and diversity remain excellent at Cheyenne [...]

Recent Bird Sightings–May 23

The Spring migration has been excellent this year.  Rains supplying some much needed water in the Cheyenne Bottoms pools along with excellent management of that water by KDWPT staff, have provided a great diversity of habitats and birding opportunities throughout the Spring migration season.  As is the case every year, bird diversity is ever changing, and what is being seen one day could very well be gone the next.   Most migrating ducks have already moved [...]