Mid-winter Waterfowl Surveys

Every year on the first full week of January, biologist across North America participate in Mid-winter Waterfowl Surveys (MWS). The objective of this survey is to determine the distribution and relative abundance of waterfowl wintering on the continent. The MWS has been been conducted since 1935 and is one of the oldest and largest nationally coordinated operational wildlife survey. Over the course of the survey over 250,000 ducks and 750,000 geese will be counted across Kansas.

Surveys were conducted over Cheyenne Bottoms and Quviria NWR by KDWPT staff January 7-8, 2014. While not many waterfowl were found due to the frozen conditions, biologists were able to capture some excellent aerial photographs of Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Wildlife Refuge.   Aerial photos in the following slideshow were taken by Tom Bidrowski, KDWPT Waterfowl Program Coordinator.

For more information on the MWS in the Central flyway visit http://central.flyways.us/surveys/surveys-conducted/winter-waterfowl-survey

Video footage of aerial survey of Cheyenne Bottoms taken by Rich Schultheis, KDWPT Migratory Bird Specialist.

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