Make and Take Clay Jewelry at KWEC

Students of all ages had fun making nature inspired jewelery at KWEC

Have you ever admired the bead-like patterns on a¬† snake’s skin, or the tiny scales spiraling around a juniper leaf? Why not share the patterns of nature with your loved ones?

This past December 2nd, family and friends did just that at the Kansas Wetland Education Center.

Led by crafty KWEC educator, Jean Aycock, students learned to press various nature objects onto polymer clay. The resulting impressions  were used to make clay beads for jewelry. Its easy and quick to do!

The class learned dried seed pods of the velvet-leaf plant can make sun and star shapes, and skins shed from a snake reveal intricate scale patterns. Some students were a little nervous about touching a snakeskin-shed for the first time, but they were astounded with the results.

The class even visited with our KWEC classroom snake, who generously donated her castoff skin sheds for the workshop (cruelty free!).

Want to try? Make a quick nature walk out in your own backyard. What kind of designs can you see in a dried leaf or a feather?

If you have any questions about these great gifts, or have something exciting to tell us, contact us toll free at 1-877-243-9268.

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