Hit the road, but not the birds

With the snow finally starting to melt, many of us are hitting the
roads to break the cabin fever. However, we are not the only ones who
notice the open highways these days, as many small songbirds are flocking
by the hundreds to these open areas. Because of the heavy snows recently,
much of the plant community is unavailable to be used as food for the
songbirds. And with the only open patches now being the highways, birds of
all sizes are flocking to the best available food sources, right next to
the highways. Dozens of bird carcasses can be seen on the highways from
being hit by vehicles traveling by. While we can’t swerve to avoid the
birds, we can slow down a bit which will give the birds enough time to get
out of the way. And with the high winds in the area again, slowing down can
help you drive a little safer as well.

Be safe out there.¬† It can only help you…and the birds.

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