Perseid Meteor Shower Party


The Kansas Wetlands Education Center is hosting a viewing party for the Perseid Meteor Shower!  Join us at the KWEC at 9 pm on Friday, August 11th for a FREE fun filled family evening of crafts, games, snacks, and stargazing.  We’ll be partying no matter the weather, so don’t let a few clouds scare you and your family away!

The Perseid Meteor Shower happens every year in the beginning of August when the earth passes through the trail of dust and debris left by the Swift-Tuttle comet.  It’s one of the most exciting meteor showers in the northern hemisphere, with over 50 meteors per hour at its peak!  This meteor shower got its name because the meteors appear to come from the constellation Perseus.

Everyone can enjoy s’mores roasted over a fire along with other refreshments while we watch the sky.

In addition to activities and crafts, we will have the FHSU Science and Mathematics Education Institute’s inflatable planetarium for guaranteed star viewing!

Activities will begin at 9 pm, and run until it’s dark enough to see the meteor shower.  Please call the KWEC at 1-877-243-9268 for more information about this fun, FREE, family event!  Bring a lawn chair or blanket for more comfortable stargazing.


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