Wild Foods and Medicine from the Cheyenne Bottoms Area: A plant hike field trip with Kelly Kindscher

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Dr. Kelly Kindscher has authored several books about prairie plants, including these two.

Join the Kansas Wetlands Education Center at 2 p.m. on Sunday, October 6, for the Wild Foods and Medicine from the Cheyenne Bottoms Area: A plant hike field trip with Kelly Kindscher.

Participants will start the afternoon at the KWEC, 592 NE K-156 Highway, Great Bend, and then carpool out to a field site where they will take a short hike and identify native plants that are edible or have medicinal qualities.

“The Cheyenne Bottoms is a mix of wet prairie and wet lands which offers a diverse range of plant life,” said Kindscher.

Kindscher is a senior scientist at the Kansas Biological Survey and a professor in environmental studies at the University of Kansas. He has also written several books, including “Medicinal Wild Plants of the Prairie” and “Edible Wild Plants of the Prairie.”

Kindscher grew up with a family farm in Nebraska that sparked his interest from a young age in studying the plants growing in the prairie meadows.

With his work on the cultural use of plant materials, Kindscher has studied Native American uses for plants and how to share the story of each plant.

Throughout his career, Kindscher has collaborated with researchers to study the Cheyenne Bottoms region, written publications about the area, and helped with wetland restoration projects.

“I believe that learning about native plants, our use of them and how they affect us can deepen our respect for the variety of human lifeways and our recognition of the richness just beyond our doors,” said Kindscher.

Participants should wear comfortable, close-toed shoes and be able to walk short distances over uneven terrain as well as spend the duration of the program outside.

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