5 Dec KWEC Holiday Open House

    Join the staff of the Kansas Wetlands Education Center in celebrating the Christmas season with a Holiday Open House from 10 a.m. to noon on Dec. 5. While the kids decorate gingerbread birdhouses and make a bird feeder, adults can take advantage of specials in the gift shop, enter a contest for a $50 gift certificate and view/purchase original pen and ink drawings by local artist and bird authority Robert Penner. Hum along to holiday music selections and graze on Christmas cookies, breads and warm beverages. There is no charge for the activities. Find KWEC's Christmas goose and earn the opportunity to win a $50 gift certificate to KWEC's gift store. He'll be hiding somewhere within the Center. Gift store shoppers may also purchase one item at 40 percent off, excluding consignment items. Robert Penner, The Nature Conservancy avian programs manager at Cheyenne Bottoms, will sign copies of his book "The Birds of Cheyenne Bottoms" and display original pen and ink bird drawings. Penner strives to capture the detail in his subject's feathers and form. Preregistration is required for the gingerbread birdhouse activity, with a limited number of seats available. The registration deadline is Dec. 3. No registration is required for any other activities. To register and for more information call 877-243-9268 or visit

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    Location: Kansas Wetlands Education Center, 592 NE K-156 Highway, Great Bend, KS
    Time: 10:00 AM

    8 Dec Cheyenne Bottoms Naturalists - That's a Rap(tor)!

    You’re invited to join the Cheyenne Bottoms Naturalists for an exciting opportunity to learn more about the natural world, participate in research opportunities, and enjoy hands on activities! Who can join? Anyone!  Programs will be geared towards adults, but interested teens are welcome to join in the fun as well! What’s going on? Once a month, CBN meets at the KWEC from 6-7 pm.  Each meeting covers a different nature topic, and may feature a guest speaker, a presentation from KWEC staff, or a special short film.  Every meeting will have at least one hands on activity, so don’t worry that you’ll be sitting around like a bump on a log! Alright, how much is it? CBN is FREE!  All you have to do is come to the meetings prepared to enjoy yourself! That's a Rap(tor)! Winter is one of the best times to spot birds of prey – hundreds of hawks, falcons, and eagles descend on Cheyenne Bottoms every year.  Learn what makes these birds special, how to identify them, and get up close and personal with the KWEC’s educational birds!

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    Location: Kansas Wetlands Education Center, 592 NE K-156 Highway, Great Bend, KS
    Time: 6:00 PM

    13 Dec Craft Series - Upcycled Plastic Jewelry

    If you’ve ever looked in your recycling bin and wondered if there’s anything better that you could do with all that plastic, this workshop is your answer!  We’ll take everyday recyclables and turn them into fantastic jewelry components.   From beads to pendants, you’ll learn all kinds of great ways to turn trash into treasures! Call us at 1-877-243-9268 to register for this FREE workshop!

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    Location: Kansas Wetlands Education Center, 592 NE K-156 Highway, Great Bend, KS
    Time: 2:00 PM

    21 Dec Cheyenne Bottoms Christmas Bird Count

    It is that time of year again…Christmas Bird Count (CBC) season. From December 14 through the first week of January, families, scientists, students and bird enthusiasts of all ages will take part in CBC’s across the U.S. in one of the best forms of citizen science. During the count, volunteers go out in small groups and count and record every bird they see on their assigned route. Results of these counts are used by scientists across the US for assessing conservation efforts and tracking overall health and population numbers of bird species. And, CBC’s are a great way for beginner bird watchers to learn from more experienced bird watchers About 40 different CBCs are held annually across Kansas, including ones at Cheyenne Bottoms and Quivira National Widlife Refuge.  You can check a list of other CBC's in Kansas at If you would like to participate in the Cheyenne Bottoms CBC, come out to the KWEC on Monday, December 21 from 8am until 4pm. All are welcome to attend, but participation for at least half of the day is recommended. A free lunch will be provided to participants courtesy of the KWEC and The Nature Conservancy. Preregistration is suggested.  Please call the KWEC at 877-243-9268 for more information.

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    Location: Kansas Wetlands Education Center, 592 NE K-156 Highway, Great Bend, KS
    Time: 8:00 AM

    21 May Photography Workshop with Boyd Norton

    Saturday May 21, 2016 the Kansas Wetlands Education Center along with the Central Kansas Photography Club will sponsor a day-long photography workshop. The workshop will feature Boyd Norton, renowned photographer and founder and co-director of Serengeti Watch, a 501(c)3 non-profit for saving the Serengeti ecosystem. The workshop runs from 9 a.m to 4 p.m. at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center. SEMINAR TOPICS INCLUDE:

    • Picture Dynamics and Composition
    • Light
    • Lenses and Perspective
    • Creativity
    • Conservation Photography: You Can Make a Difference
    • Copyright: Why it Matters
    • How not to Become a Professional Photographer
    2016 Photography Workshop - May 21, 2016
    Download the Registration Form here: CKPC 2016 Registration-Boyd Norton
    Photographer and author Boyd Norton has been chosen as the 2015 recipient of the Sierra Club's prestigious Ansel Adams award for his use of "superlative photography" for conservation causes over a lifetime. His work in protecting wildlife and wilderness has spanned the globe. Norton is the photographer and author of 16 books, ranging in topics from African elephants to mountain gorillas, and from Siberia's Lake Baikal to the Serengeti ecosystem. His recent award-winning book, SERENGETI: THE ETERNAL BEGINNING, won high praise from Jane Goodall and Richard Engel of NBC News, among many others. His next book, CONSERVATION PHOTOGRAPHY: THE ART OF SAVING OUR PLANET ONE PHOTOGRAPH AT A TIME, is due for publication in early 2016. He is at work on three more books. Throughout his nearly 50 years of photography and writing and environmental activism he has played a key role in the establishment of several wilderness areas in the Rocky Mountains, new national parks in Alaska, and in the designation of Siberia's Lake Baikal as a World Heritage Site.   Learn more about Boyd Norton at

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    Location: Kansas Wetlands Education Center, 592 NE K-156 Highway, Great Bend, KS
    Time: 9:00 AM