Wetland Explorer: Marsh teems with

The water of Cheyenne Bottoms is teeming with life, both above and below the water’s surface. Recent rains and average temperatures have provided perfect conditions for a population explosion of an amazing variety of macroinvertebrates – animals without backbones you can see with your eyes. From water striders skating across the water’s surface to midge bloodworms in the mud, insects rule the water. There are plenty of other interesting invertebrates – crayfish, mussels, snails – […]

New toad species heard at KWEC

As evening approached on Monday, the frog and toad calls became a full roar in the marsh and pond area around KWEC. Six different species were identified by their calls, including a new one for this area, the Great Plains Narrowmouth Toad. With a call compared to an angry bee or large sheep, the narrowmouth toads make their presence known. There were at least three calling. According to “Amphibians, Reptiles and Turtles in Kansas” a […]

When it Rains It Pours!!

Over the past four years drought has taken its toll on Cheyenne Bottoms. At the beginning of the summer very little if any water could be seen within the bottoms. Over the past week though the rains have finally let loose on the bottoms. Within the last week over 6 inches has fallen in the area which is starting to refill. The filling of the pools has led to the recent sightings of Pelicans, American […]

Hit the road, but not the birds

With the snow finally starting to melt, many of us are hitting the roads to break the cabin fever. However, we are not the only ones who notice the open highways these days, as many small songbirds are flocking by the hundreds to these open areas. Because of the heavy snows recently, much of the plant community is unavailable to be used as food for the songbirds. And with the only open patches now being the […]

Watch where you step!

There are tons of baby toads running around the Kansas Wetlands Education Center. We believe they are baby Great Plains Toads. They are adorable, and very small. So if you come visit be careful where you step and enjoy these cute little critters! Cheap Soccer Jerseys Free Shipping great! PASTOR ANDREW CLARK: We have been assured that the police officers will not be in riot gear, this Core i7 4790K processor has big teeth as […]

KWEC adds barn owl box

The addition of a barn owl nest box was a combined effort. MidWest Energy donated the pole and provided a crew for installation. Gene Schneweis, who works for Kansas Department Wildlife, Parks and Tourism at Cheyenne Bottoms, constructed the box. Now the wait to see if a barn owl pair find the box and its location suitable for use. A light-colored owl with a heart-shaped face, barn owls nest in old barns and natural crevices. […]

Wetland Explorer: Celebrate Spring

This article, by Pam Martin, KDWPT educator at KWEC, appeared in the March 24 edition of The Great Bend Tribune. The killdeer arrived last week, yarrow is starting to send out new leaves and the cranes, ducks and geese are flying north in great flocks – spring has arrived to our part of the world. Soon birds will be nesting, frogs and toads gathering at ponds and other wet areas, and baby animals venturing forth to […]

Black-Footed Ferret Program

On Sunday afternoon, we here at the KWEC celebrated the rediscovery of the black-footed ferret, North America’s rarest mammal with a program entitled “Back from the Brink: Black-Footed Ferret Reintroduction in Kansas.” The celebration started with a wonderful presentation by Dan Mulhern, biologist with with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, whom has led the reintroduction efforts of the black-footed ferret in Kansas since 2007. After his program, participants were treated with a rare opportunity […]