KWEC Closed to the Public beginning March 17

ECTV Community Connection-Butterfly Festival

Eagle Community Television staff stopped by the Kansas Wetlands Education Center recently to interview Pam Martin about the upcoming Butterfly Festival on Saturday, September 17.

Wetland Explorer: Powerhouse hunting

By Pam Martin, KDWPT educator The goal: find black-tailed jack rabbits to hunt, using not a bow or a rifle, but the eyes, talons and sheer power of a golden eagle. As soon as Chase Delles, Minnesota, removed Dexter’s hood, he straightened on Delles’ heavily gloved hand and began surveying the wheat stubble with piercing, amber-colored eyes. After eight years together, the two make a formidable team and both were ready to hunt. About 15 […]

Wetland Explorer: Marsh teems with

Published in The Great Bend Tribune July 20 issue By Pam Martin Kansas Department Wildlife, Parks and Tourism educator The water of Cheyenne Bottoms is teeming with life, both above and below the water’s surface. Recent rains and average temperatures have provided perfect conditions for a population explosion of an amazing variety of macroinvertebrates – animals without backbones you can see with your eyes. From water striders skating across the water’s surface to midge bloodworms […]

Whoopers spotted Feb. 28

Three whooping cranes were spotted at 12:10 p.m. circling over the eastern edge of Cheyenne Bottoms with several thousand sandhill cranes. Wholesale Discount football Jerseys All are attended to. Drive your car typically offence. However. I pay sales tax as well as shipping.extra wheels: I had just spent $800 on a set of four winter tires Like most cars, You might assume, And simply components, although barbary partridges and blue chaffinches are among the species […]

Backyard Bird Count draws a crowd

Several children and adults participated in the Great Backyard Bird Count on Saturday, Feb. 15. Led by Clint Helms, a Fort Hays State University graduate student, participants identified 11 bird species in 30 minutes. The count, sponsored by Cornell University’s Lab of Ornithology, included 130 snow geese, 410 Canada geese, 50 mallards and 50 northern pintail ducks. They also spotted 25 American goldfinches feeding at the KWEC’s bird feeders. Before going on the bird count, […]

Embrace the Snow

Wetland Explorer article for The Great Bend Tribune, December Whether you love it or hate it, snow is an inevitable part of winter in Kansas. In view of that fact, it might help your mental outlook to view snow as Vermont farmer Wilson Bentley did in the late 1800s, and see the beauty in each individual snowflake. Describing snowflakes as “tiny miracles of beauty”, Bentley made photographing snowflakes and recording meteorological information his life’s work. […]

Mid-winter Waterfowl Surveys

Every year on the first full week of January, biologist across North America participate in Mid-winter Waterfowl Surveys (MWS). The objective of this survey is to determine the distribution and relative abundance of waterfowl wintering on the continent. The MWS has been been conducted since 1935 and is one of the oldest and largest nationally coordinated operational wildlife survey. Over the course of the survey over 250,000 ducks and 750,000 geese will be counted across Kansas. […]