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What’s happening at the Kansas Wetlands Education Center

Recent Bird Sightings–February 10

Bird activity continues to increase.  Waterfowl are the dominant group at Cheyenne Bottoms right now, with increasing diversity. Some large groups of Snow Geese are still being seen in the area.  Late afternoons, it is impressive to see large groups lift off the Pool 1 complex.  Quite a few Ross’s geese mixed in with the Snow’s too.  Greater white-fronted, Canada, and Cackling geese are also able to be seen regularly. Duck numbers and diversity have […]

Recent Bird Sightings–February 1

Bird activity has been high over the last 2 weeks.  Water has opened up, and many waterfowl have returned to Cheyenne Bottoms after being somewhat absent for a few weeks. Waterfowl are the predominant group of birds right now. Snow geese numbers have increased dramatically, with many thousand in and around the Cheyenne Bottoms area.  Greater white-fronted Canada, and Cackling geese are also able to be seen regularly. Duck numbers and diversity have increased as […]

Winter Kids’ programs

  Designed for children ages 6 through 12, one-hour programs will be offered at no charge from 10-11 a.m. each Saturday. Children age 7 and younger must be accompanied by an adult. Registration deadlines in sequential order of the classes are Feb. 1, Feb. 15 and Feb. 22. To register for classes, or for more information, call 620-566-1456 or 1-877-243-9268. The maximum class size is 20 children. Although there is no program charge, donations for […]

Recnet Bird Sightings–November 9

We have seen an influx in birds over the last week, so a new sightings report was warranted. Sandhill cranes are commonly flying through and some can be seen in the mornings and evenings in fields surrounding Cheyenne Bottoms.  No Whooping cranes have been observed at Cheyenne Bottoms, but several groups have been spotted at Quivira NWR.  So far, these groups have not stuck around more than one morning, so it appears that it is […]

Recent Bird Sightings–October 28

It is hard to say we are in Fall migration as temperatures continue to be ~20 degrees above normal temperatures for the end of October.  However, we are seeing more Fall migrants coming through the Cheyenne Bottoms area.  The common birds being seen at Cheyenne Bottoms include: herons, coots, gulls, ducks, geese, harriers, sandhill cranes, and grebes. We’ve finally started seeing larger groups of Sandhill cranes and White-fronted geese.  They seemed absent far too long this fall.  […]

ECTV Community Connection-KWEC

A second production by Eagle Community Television focused on the Kansas Wetlands Education Center and Cheyenne Bottoms. We appreciate ECTV with helping get the word out about the KWEC.

Recent Bird Sightings–March 25-28

The number and diversity of duck species at Cheyenne Bottoms is pretty impressive right now.  It seems like about all the types of ducks that could be at Cheyenne Bottoms are.  Just a handful of shorebirds have come through, but it is still early for them.  The conditions of the wetlands are excellent, and we are looking forward to a great Spring migration season.  Here is a list of bird species that have been reported in the […]

Recent Bird Sightings-Weekend of Feb 22

The weekend of February 22-23 was a great bird-watching weekend at Cheyenne Bottoms.  Many waterfowl have shown up at the wetland over the past week.  Here are some observations that were reported: Greater white fronted geese–>1,000 Snow geese–>100,000 Ross’s geese–138 Cackling geese–34 Canada geese–500 Gadwall–7 American wigeon–10 Malllard–>2,000 Northern pintail–>2,000 Green-winged teal–5 Redhead–>200 Bufflehead–2 Common Goldeneye–1 Hooded merganser–4 Common merganser–25 Ring-necked pheasant–2 Great blue heron–1 Northern harrier–3 Red-tailed hawk–1 American coot–9 Ring-billed gull–20 Snowy owl–2 […]