Bird Watch

Reporting the latest bird observations from Cheyenne Bottoms. Also check eBird reports for Cheyenne Bottoms.

Recent Bird Sightings-March 16

Note: Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the Kansas Wetlands Education Center will be closed to the public beginning March 17 indefinitely.  Cheyenne Bottoms Wildlife Area and Preserve are still open to the public as normal. Spring migration is ongoing and ramping up.  Several “First of Season” (FOS) birds have been observed in the past 2 weeks.  Waterfowl numbers and diversity are dominating the bird communities currently; however, the first shorebirds have shown up and will […]

Recent Bird Sightings-February

Overall bird activity has increased at Cheyenne Bottoms over the last week.  Waterfowl numbers and diversity has increased dramatically.  Other winter residents, such as raptors and some songbirds remain prevalent. Bird activity may depend on open water.  Cold snaps that freeze over some pools will limit bird numbers.  Cheyenne Bottoms pools remain quite full.  Pool 3a will remain very low/dry throughout the winter for vegetation/silt management.  The “Claflin dike” between Pools 3b and 4a is […]

Recent Bird Sightings-November 20

A couple cold snaps over the last few weeks has really changed the bird community at Cheyenne Bottoms.  At least twice, temperatures got cold enough over nights to totally freeze the marsh.  This pushed many birds out of the area, and has created much more of a winter birding scenario.  Waterfowl, raptors, and some songbirds dominate the bird diversity of Cheyenne Bottoms now. Cheyenne Bottoms pools remain quite full.  Pool 3a will remain very low/dry […]

Recent Bird Sightings-October 14

As the Fall migration continues, bird numbers and diversity can vary quite a bit from day to day.  Some days there are thousands of gulls to be seen on the area, and other days there are few.  With some cold weather to the north of us the last week, we have seen some movement of birds into the area, such as cranes and ducks.  There are still some shorebirds in the area, but numbers have […]

Recent Bird Sightings–September 9

Fall migration continues.   Visitors to Cheyenne Bottoms in recent weeks have noticed the huge congregations of pelicans, herons, egrets, and gulls.  Shorebird numbers have been variable and dependent on accessible mudflat habitats.  Duck numbers and diversity has been increasing.  Exciting birding news came on September 8, with the reports of 2 rare birds:  Long-tailed Jaeger and Little Gull.  Numerous birders from across Kansas came in and most were successful in finding these 2 rare birds, […]

Recent Bird Sightings-August 19

Fall migration is happening now at Cheyenne Bottoms.  Although the peak of migration is not with the same intensity as the Spring migration which happens all at once, the peak of Fall migration for shorebirds at Cheyenne Bottoms is here in the middle of August.  From now through the fall, we will see new arrivals with every weather front that comes through.  Most Summer resident birds are also still quite plentiful, so there is no […]

Recent Bird Sightings-July 26

Fall migrants are starting to return to Cheyenne Bottoms and they are right on time.  The first wave of early fall migrating shorebirds is typically around the middle to end of July.  With the wet conditions that have persisted in the area over the spring and summer, many birds have shown up in the past weeks.  From now through the fall, we will see new arrivals with every weather front that comes through.  Summer resident […]

Recent Bird Sightings-June 21

We are into Summer Birding at Cheyenne Bottoms.  At this point of the year, basically all the migrant birds are already through the area.  We are left with summer resident birds.  However, with all the rain this spring and early summer, birding is a little atypical at this point.  Cheyenne Bottoms pools are all very full, and several roads have been closed down occasionally over the last few weeks due to high water.  At this […]