A Stitch in Time, Saves Butterflies

They came with sewing machines, irons and scraps of brightly colored fabric, and in less than 3 hours had created 24 whimsical butterfly quilt blocks in a joint effort to raise funds for monarch butterfly habitat restoration.nike air max Italy

We are thrilled to partner with the quilt guild to provide funds for saving the monarch migration,” said Kansas Wetlands Education Center Manager Curtis Wolf.nike air jordan xiv

The KWEC was the site for a quilting marathon on July 11 by members of the Central Kansas Thread Benders Quilt Guild. Members donated materials, time and skills to create a butterfly quilt that will be offered in a drawing, as part of a series of activities to draw attention to the decline of the monarch butterfly migration. All proceeds will be given to Monarch Watch’sBring Back the Monarch” campaign to restore habitat and save the monarch butterfly migration.nike air jordan xiii

Deftly maneuvering the quilt block, Quilt Guild member Ada Leiker sews around the butterfly wings, appliquéing the design to the material block. Each butterfly body was also appliquéd to the design.

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“We like to do public service and appreciated the opportunity to do this,” said Quilt Guild Member Eloise Winkleman.

The project took a lot of preparatory work by Winkleman and fellow Guild Member Sharon DeBusk, who planned the step-by-step process. DeBusk brought the precut background quilt blocks, special heat-activated bonding papers and the quilt back material with her, giving instructions to the members on putting the blocks together.

In the quilt making process, quilt blocks, which are pieced or appliquéd designs, are cut to specific dimensions and sewn together. A back is then added, with batting inserted between the front and back, which is then “quilted” by hand or machine to form a stitched design.ray ban sunglasses Low Price

The 16 members each took a task and got started. The butterfly quilt chosen by the guild members was an appliqué design, which meant each separate cloth butterfly was stitched along the edge of the design to the quilt square.

Like a well-oiled sewing machine, the women worked together to complete each task, appliquéing the final square before noon. DeBusk will sew the butterfly and plain quilt blocks together, with Barbara Watson, St. John, providing the machine quilting, and Guild member Mary Lou Weiser binding the quilt.best ray ban sunglasses

The butterfly quilt will be displayed in various locations, carrying a message of hope for the monarch butterfly.

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